No More #Bloganuary Now What Do I Do?

I don’t wanna sound like a spoiled brat but…

Since participating in the #bloganuary writing challenge, I’m kind of missing it. That notification to write everyday is gone but the duty is still there. I now have an urge to write more and I am actually proud of that. It means I am forming new habits and new habits means a new lifestyle. What I enjoyed most about participating in the writing challenge was reading other people’s stories and being a part of a community.

What’s Next

Now that the writing challenge is over the goal is to keep that same momentum and to continue to create content on a regular basis. I think it will also be a good idea for me to revise on my previous blogs and see if I can make them even more engaging.

Hopes For My Blog

My hopes for my blog is to continue growing my audience and making my site a successful business. I love being able to share my travel and life experiences through colorful photos and storytelling. I also love for my readers to be able to experience some of the same benefits I have from consumer product recommendations too. I look forward to the challenge to keep up my momentum and we will see what content I come up with.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your idea is a good one. I have gone back and revised three posts from several years ago just this week with the plan of reblogging them (I thought their message still relevant.). Good post. I understand the frustration.

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