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What language do you wish you could speak?

Bloganuary #26

I wish I could speak Spanish. I have been able to teach myself a lot of words over the years but I haven’t been able to use them in conversation. I mostly shy away from the few that have come my way except for this one time I went into this taco place and was able to order most of my food in Spanish. It was fun and a positive learning experience. When I went to Puerto Rico I could have had more conversations in Spanish than I actually did. I did ask someone what the name of a building was in Spanish and simple greetings and stuff but I definitely could have done more. I need to put myself out there and make the mistakes to fully grasp the concept of learning a new language. While its important to know a lot of words I noticed its equally important to hear how they sound in everyday life. Spanish is so fast and most of the letters are barely pronounced. Nonetheless it is still my goal to speak Spanish and I plan to accomplish that.

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  1. This is one of the things I struggle with as well! Actually speaking the language and not being nervous. I know my Mandarin (I’m currently trying to learn) would improve much faster if I just spoke to people!!

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