What is your preferred mode of travel?

What is your preferred mode of travel?

Bloganuary #14

My preferred mode of travel is flying on a plane. I don’t really enjoy being in the airport though having to wait and dealing with crowds of people. I wish I had my own plane so I could fly alone and skip the crowd. I haven’t had the experience of traveling on a train but I think I would enjoy that experience. I would be able to see more scenery compared to a plane ride. I think its easier for me to say a plane is my preferred mode of travel because that’s the mode I’ve used the most. I do plan on taking a train ride this year so I’m looking forward to that experience. I also enjoy taking car rides and I want to take a road trip to Florida so I can see all the states in between. So it really depends on the reason why I’m traveling because I like having options and using them for different reasons.

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