What fear have you conquered?

What fear have you conquered?

Bloganuary #15

My fear is being stuck in the same environment and not being able to succeed beyond what I have now. I want to live life on my terms and not be forced to be in certain situations because of what I don’t have. I am working to conquer this fear by challenging myself everyday to accomplish a goal and to focus on what I can do and not what I can’t do. Telling myself that I am worthy of all the things I desire and using the power of manifestation to shift my thinking to more positive thoughts will help me conquer this fear as well. Sometimes I feels like if I changed my environment, I would be happier and more productive. I get discouraged because of this and allow those thoughts to impede my progress. It is a working progress everyday to change how I think about things but I am determined to because I am determined to change my life.


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