My Secret For Oily Skin

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Growing up I used to think oily skin was the devil. I had such a hard time dealing with acne and controlling my breakouts. Now that I’m older I’ve learned that oily skin has its benefits.

Oily Skin Benefits

Prevents Aging

Self Moisturizing

Natural Glow

Youthful Looking

The Body Shop Jelly Mist

My secret to maintaining oil free skin is using a product that is technically not a moisturizer. This product hydrates the skin without clogging my pores. Applying just a few sprays on my face in the morning and at night is just enough. Naturally, oily skin will produce a glow on its own without any extra product needed. That’s the benefit of oily skin in combination with this product.

For More Information

The Body Shop features a series of products that can help improve the appearance of your skin. Checkout their website or Amazon to find more products and information. This product can be found at Ross in the skin care section or Amazon

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