The Reason Why I Write

Why do you write?

Bloganuary #6

The reason why I write is because it’s therapeutic. I’ve always been a writer. My mom would always tell me how as a child I could never use the same page twice. If I made a mistake I would rip out the page and start over. So I’ve always been keen to paper and pencil and writing. I was such a perfectionist and I still am. I love any type of writing whether its journaling, taking notes or typing. If I’m studying for something important, writing it down helps me remember. I also like to write because I feel like every time I talk I’m always struggling to formulate my sentences and say the right words. I fluster myself a lot and for no good reason. I can communicate more easily with written words. I don’t know I don’t really consider myself a talker so I like to write. Writing helps me organize my thoughts, remember concepts and gives me something to look back and reflect on.

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