A Lost Treasure

What is a treasure that’s been lost?

Bloganuary #4

Besides McDonald’s snack wraps cuz I won’t even get into that! I miss renting movies and I miss buying and collecting CDs. That’s a lost treasure to me. Ya’ll remember FYE and Blockbusters? I miss going to FYE and listening to music on the headsets. I miss buying the latest CD and coming home to open it and look at the pictures in the little booklet. Those days were priceless. I miss going to Blockbusters and walking through the aisles trying to find a good movie and checking out the latest releases at the same time. There used to be a movie store that my mom and I would rent movies from near our house. I remember they used to sell fresh popcorn at the checkout counter. My mom and I would always get some to take home. Those were the days. While I do appreciate the convenience of it all, I hate technology for taking that away from us.

Thanks for reading!


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