How To Celebrate A Birthday During The Pandemic

If you are struggling to find ways to celebrate a birthday during the pandemic, than here’s a list of things you can do to bring some excitement and fun on that special day .

Dinner at a Brewery

Dinner will never go out of style because there’s always new restaurants to try. Try a brewery restaurant where you can sample different beers and enjoy a nice meal at the same time. Not all breweries serve food so do your research ahead of time. If the brewery doesn’t serve food then you can ask about a brewery tour to see how and where they make the beer.

Gun range

This activity can be a little expensive so research ahead of time to see if this activity fits your budget. Whether your into guns, this is a valuable experience to become more familiar. This activity is more serious than playful but afterwards you’ll have a cool experience to talk about forever!

Go Kart Racing

This is an exciting activity perfect for two or more. You can cheer from the sideline or be a racing buddy. A couple laps of go kart racing is the fun you didn’t know you needed.

Cologne/Perfume Shopping

Has your significant other mentioned wanting some nice smell goods? You can go to a department store, sample fragrances and pick out some cologne of your choice.


Whether its your first time or you love bowling on the regular, this activity is fun for everyone. You can gather a group of friends and make it a surprise or you can pick a spot to meet. Nowadays bowling alleys have a bar so be sure to research the best times to go to take advantage of any drink specials or happy hour!

At-Home Painting With a Twist

You can purchase a set of blank canvases, brushes and bottles of wine. Set the paint and canvases up for each person and let every person pick a space to paint. Pour everyone a glass of wine and begin painting. You all can opt to draw the same thing or freestyle individually.

Candle Pouring

This activity is perfect for the daytime. This is an activity for a couple or small groups. You can walk away from this activity with a lovely smelling candle to make the day even more memorable. You’ll learn something new and maybe even come back again on a regular day.

Thank you for reading!


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