Hibiscus Café


Hibiscus Café is a small restaurant located at 49th and Catherine in West Philadelphia that specializes in vegan Jamaican food. I was introduced to this spot from a friend and it has quickly become a personal Philly favorite.  The food is so good and when I posted about this place on twitter I received a lot of positive feedback. So I wanted to come here with some more details about the company and my experience.

Hibiscus Café has friendly staff, good vibes and even better food. When I visited I ordered the Vegan Cheese Steak, it was so juicy and flavorful and simply melts in your mouth with every bite. If I had to choose I would eat their cheese steak every time compared to a traditional one because the meat isn’t as heavy, it doesn’t make me feel bloated, and its healthier. The only downside is that you may get hungry about an hour or two later since its not as heavy a meal like a traditional cheesesteak.  I would also like to mention they sell fresh fruit juice, smoothies, homemade candles and sage. My friend and I bought sage bundles too. Overall my experience was great, so great that I had to write about it to spread the word. I love trying new foods and finding new places to eat. Hibiscus is also a black owned business so that’s an added bonus for anyone looking to support. If you are someone looking to try something new then visit this spot and see for yourself. Now enjoy these few photos from my visit to see what the place and my food looks like.


Thanks for reading!

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